Tuesday, August 13, 2013


*Before Interior
As many of you may know, I am insatiably obsessed with VINTAGE TRAILERS!!!
I am the proud owner of 4 campers as I write this! :-) These first 3 images are of my second trailer, a 1967 Excelsior that I have named HAPPY (camper)! Which I have began the 1st stages of her transformation........
*can you see my SWEET FUR SONS tucked away? 
I dove into this project head first, considering, she was in quite a dire state of neglect and disrepair inside and out!
I managed to spit shine the interior with lots of elbow grease, great paint, caulk, screws, and DUCT TAPE! Enough to get it road ready for a FAB camping outing in the Idaho wild!
*Interior After

The inside of HAPPY is coming along nicely and was SO super cozy for our 5 night outing. The exterior....skin, framework, structure, paint, however, are still much needed and will soon be in the works. But as far as functional, she pulled like a dream, and was SO clean and comfortable......that a few more outings may be in order during the exterior
'renovations' ;-) !!!

I am always on the hunt for these vintage vessels and my eye just naturally goes to them....wherever I may end up on my travels.
During this same camping trip I spotted ALL of these TIMEWORN beauties in the same little high mountain town!
What a treat to find all these little gems in the same vicinity while exploring on our ATV's. Hoping you enjoyed this little trailer tour, and are inspired to search out your own! :-) Tell me about your vintage GLAMPER, either the one that is sitting in your driveway, or the one you are in search of! ;-)


sweetvintageofmine said...

LOVE the trailer tour!! I enjoy the different decorating designs you have given those beauties!! I just found my second tiny canned ham back in May. It had been gutted but I'm workin' around that! Visit my FB page and see her on the heading...Sweet Vintage of Mine or my past blog posts. I am looking forward doing so much with "Sweetie" Blessings.....love your style! Roxie

Flutter Before You said...

Ohhh how wonderful, that looked like a great weekend! I LOVE that strange shaped one with the shutters, how cool! Love what you have done with your interior. I am still in love with my little 8' Jewel, she sits on the side yard, and welcomes me everyday.:)

Lady Locust said...

Wow, a couple of those look like they are around the Sumpter, OR area - near my old stompin' grounds:) So glad you are in the NW maybe I can actually make it to one of your shows. I am soooo jealous of your fabulous campers. I can't wait to find the perfect treasure.
Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

I am in love with Glampers! I am in Boise, ID and am looking for one already done as I don't think I am able to do it myself. I could do a little work maybe like the curtains, cushions, painting cabinets. Yours are BEAUTIFUL!

Nails Beautiqued said...

I love these old glampers and how you decorate them. I would love to own one some day. Thanks for sharing :)