Thursday, July 18, 2013

Farm Chick Pics *Part 2*

Before too much more time passes I wanted to share, as promised, some shots of our space at The Farm Chicks Show in Spokane, WA this past June.

Our Gypsy gang have a deep affection and a great level of comfort for this annual event! This being the 3rd year under our belt we have gained amazing friends, fans, customers, and extended family being a part of this great venue! 


WELCOME...main entrance...come on in!

Lipstick Gypsy MUSE!


Lights out...until next year...

Looking forward to Farm Chicks 2014!!!

Keep it Gypsy!



Wanna be a BAG LADY? The bags are in...Git Yer Lipstick On and Git Ya One! ;-)


Rita said...

Your posts make me smile Robin! your work is beautiful...thank you for Sharing. Ciao Rita

Sandy Bryan said...

An excellent showing once again. Cant wait to share the sentiment in person soon...miss you! xo, Sandy.