Monday, January 19, 2015

Beloved Muse

Awwww the SWEET ASS!

How can I count the ways I LOVE them???

This FINE equine makes my heart mushy and twitterpated. I admire the often compact, woolly lil' beasties!

As a child I was exposed to many as my dad often kept 3 or 4 around for the back country pack trips we indulged in on a regular basis. I find myself so attracted to their super ADORABLE-NESS and relate my own personality traits to their nature....sweet, STUBBORN, gentle, WILD, compliant, DEFIANT! Loyal, HARDY and happy! Very CURIOUS, playful, dependable....not easily SWAYED once their mind is made up! HARD WORKING little buggers! Hence, I see my characteristics align closely with the almighty donkey DONK!

The SWEET ASS collection I created for Lipstick Gypsy some time ago was completely inspired by the Darling Donkey! As fate would have it our acreage is surrounded with quite literally HUNDREDS of these precious beings, as our neighbor is a DONKEY rancher!  In true GYPSY form I am currently wheelin' & dealin' to acquired 2 of the "next door donkeys" along with a couple Pygmy goats to add to our menagerie. :-) LIFE is GOOD! 

Truly, the "next door donkeys" may as well be mine as I treat them as such! During outdoor chores they follow along and watch while they beg for attention. Daily I come face to face with their glorious velvet muzzles. Blissful beings they are!

Has an animal or GROUP of animals ever had a deep affect on you? Please Share! I have missed you and want to hear from you!


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Monday, December 1, 2014


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Friday, November 28, 2014


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Monday, October 27, 2014

What do YOU want!?!?

What do YOU want!?!?

Hello to all of YOU dear sweet Gypsy Junkies...we are going to change things up a bit, and we need YOUR HELP! ;-)

We do our very damnedest to keep up with ALL the daily correspondence influx that floods our mailbox daily. Sometimes we are left feeling a little unsatisfied about answering ALL the little questions, comments, thoughts, ideas that y'all share with us continuously. 

NOW.....this is where YOU play an important part of what we're asking...WHAT DO YOU WANT?

Please tell us what you would like to know about/concerning Lipstick Gypsy...or just general information.

Q & A with THE Lipstick Gypsy

Vintage Trailer Restoration Tips, Decorating, Before & After, How To's

Our Passion and Charity of Choice, Dog Rescue

The LG Creative Process

Gypsy Travel Tips

Behind the Scenes of Show Time Crazy

Studio Time

More Personal Lifestyle Images or Talk

In Depth LG Story

ect. ect. ect.

Please, Please, PLEASE make yourself heard!!! This is YOUR time, dear readers, to quash your curiosity!

We have become so busy, and we really don't want our blog to suffer, so you are going to HELP bring it BACK to LIFE by directing us toward what YOU want. With your ideas, input, and participation! 

We need YOU!

Let's have fun with this, and let the QUESTIONS FLY cutie pies!!!

Keep it Gypsy

Friday, October 17, 2014

Fashion Truck Finder

Thank YOU Find a Fashion Truck! For locating us, and adding us to your site & directory! Our 1965 vintage TIN GYPSY Wagon is tickled PINK to be added to your fabulous lineup!  It's an HONOR to keep such GREAT company! :-) Check out Fashion Truck Finder's website here --->

Find a Fashion Truck was created by two women (Nache Snow &
Astral Riles) who have a love for fashion, design, and empowering others to own their own business.

We LOVE women SUPPORTING and EMPOWERING women! In business, as well as, life! You GO GIRLS! xoxo

Do YOU shop mobile boutiques??? If so what is a FAVORITE{s} of yours?!?!?

Hunter's Special!

Happy HUNTING Season! In celebration of GLAM GIRLS with GUNS, and my daughter bagging her BIG BUCK already....I am offering an exclusive LG original piece from my 'new' COUTURE collection series! 

 25% OFF Limited Edition!

***Have MERCY on my GYPSY SOUL***

Howlite cross floats beneath various charms on rosary style chunky chain dangling from more howlite chunks meeting authentic DEER laces tying gently at the desired length! SOULFUL AND Stunning!

$128-25%= $96+4 s/h= $100!!!

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Bee's Knees TEES

**Enjoy your LABOR DAY...and make sure not to LABOR today, but take time to slow down and "smell the PINK roses"!