Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Being a 'ROBIN' myself, I have always had an affinity for anything that has FEATHERS and FLIES!

Birds are so inspirational to me, and very symbolic of FREEDOM for their need to MOVE, EXPLORE, and NEST.

All very important aspects of my life, as well.
Like a BOWERBIRD, in true form, my surroundings and nesting instincts are extremely STRONG!

I LOVE birds in their natural setting and everything FEATHERS!

The textures, tones, and shapes of FEATHERS are so appealing-I am inclined to use them in some form in many of my designs-influencing my work in one way or another.

FEATHERS represent a sense of natural LUXURY-whether nestled among the soft billowy down of premium bedding, or a silky down coat,
Displaying feathers I have collected.....simple or exotic, in my home, reminds me of the beauty in nature and the deep LOVE I have of all things FLORA and FAUNA but always FEATHERS!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Almost SHOW SEASON.....Already???

Hello, to all of you FABULOUS, PATIENT, AMAZING, LG Gypsy Junkies!

This winter has proved to be long and cold, and although we have been hibernating from the show season.....A LOT has been going on in the GYPSY Camp! 

And YES along with everything else...we are anticipating SPRING weather, and upcoming SHOWS! 

Details,'s ALL about the details!

Vintage Street Market Style!

AWESOME JUNK came out of the LG TRUNK!!!

Bits, bobs, and BLING....original designs from Lipstick Gypsy

Ready....SET....SELL! :-)

1965 'Tin Gypsy' caravan dressed up and ready to PARTY!

That's how I "ROLL"

Hope to see each and everyone of you out there on the ROAD during show season!

 2014 is going to be a FANTASTIC year for LIPSTICK GYPSY.....lots happenin'....lots to do...won't you "ROLL" along with us? 

Lipstick Kisses, and Gypsy Wishes

Friday, December 27, 2013

1965...'66...'67 Vintage Trailers x3...Charming

My sincere intention has not been to turn my blog into a site solely about VINTAGE CAMPER TRAILERS! However, I now am the proud owner of 3...1965 12' Cardinal Lovebird...1967 16' Excelsior, and last but not least a 1966 24' Boles Aero Ensenada...the one I am going to focus on today.
Being the largest of my 3, at 24 feet...she has been dubbed BIG sister!
Come on in...
All original inside and out...I have gained a new appreciation for Mid-Century (1966) aesthetics.
As much as I love shabby, glamorous, drama in my décor, I am trying to honor the elements of the 60s that are already in place. Love, Love, LOVE, the dusty-mocha tone of the kitchen appliances and am letting that be my guide for color.
The front living area is roomy, considering this model had a sofa-sleeper rather than a dinette set. The sofa-sleeper was such a nice, well constructed piece that we fabric matched as close as we could and are having it restored back to its original glory.

It is not my nature to not want to change EVERYTHING and really make it mine...put my stamp on it! But this trailer is in such fantastic shape for its age, and I am truly embracing the era that it has come from
and the original details that it contains!
TWIN BEDS!!!Crazy! I am having tons-of-FUN gathering linens and bedding....LAYERS
for a SUPER-COZY-COMFY nest X 2!!!
The floor plan reminds me of a train car!
I think it has such a COOL VIBE!
Bedroom details...MAGAZINE wall rack!!! They knew I was comin'! My fave reading material will be right at home!

A full size BATHROOM....SERIOUSLY I could hangout in here, and I will be taking plenty of bubs in the tubs! ;-) There is also a full size, large roomy CLOSET in this bathroom!
The fixtures are very light-creamy-yellow which is growing on me, and I am decorating around color wise.
Yodi watchdogs ;-)
I have been cleaning, doing some minor repairs, staining wood accents, and assessing all that remains to be done. Including, the repairs to the interior door, amongst other small fixes. :-)
Of course, I will be hanging new blinds, sewing curtains (using vintage bark cloth) as well as, adding special touches throughout! I have been hunting and junking and thrifting, and have created quite a STASH! ;-) 
My sweet lil man, Yodi, and sweet lil lady, Bunny are enjoying the progress and can't WAIT till we hit the ROAD in this BEAUTY!
For now, not forever!
Keep close for updated pics of décor, etc. and the adventures of ROLLY BOLLY!
Keep it Gypsy

Friday, October 25, 2013

COOL Camping

With COOL Fall days beginning to turn cold,  comes the end of camping/glamping season. Although, I have been known to extend the outdoor adventure all year long!!! ;-)

 I try to not play favorites with any of my restored (and in progress) vintage vessels. My goal is to see that they are ALL utilized and loved! GLAMPING... camping.... and tramping...that's HOW I ROLL! ;-) 

Keep it GYPSY

Monday, October 7, 2013

She Designs, She Styles, She Collects....

Lipstick Gypsy on Set

As far back as I can remember, as a small child, I have been CHANGING and ARRANGING most of my surroundings and the environment I live in! 

I want to share a snippet of my DESIGN PROCESS...although, it would be impossible to let you know ALL the details of how I tick ;-) I will try to put it in a lil ol' nutshell. 

I am unbelievably, overwhelmingly INSPIRED by EVERYTHING...especially things I passionately LOVE...which is mostly EVERYTHING! :-)

Fashion, lifestyle, decor, travel, dogs, vintage trailers, good-caring-interesting-talented-people, nature, books, magazines, reading, art, good deeds, movies, theater, music, amazing food, good drink, collecting, hunting, gathering JUNK, JUNK, and more JUNK!!! *just to name a few! ;-)

My business, Lipstick Gypsy, has been the prefect outlet for my design and style propensities, and has become a major creative force in my life.

It has allowed me to REVEL and INDULGE my passions which include DESIGNING, STYLING, FASHION, and DECOR for myself, the business, and clients.

Lipstick Gypsy Junkster

Lipstick Gypsy Junkster by lipstickgypsy


Casual, style, comfort, COOL!

FASHION...clothes have always been a way to express myself without words, they always help to indulge or create a certain mood in my daily life, and particularly for special occasions!

LOVE fashion and STYLE!

*Exclusive Lipstick Gypsy Designs*

In creating the Lipstick Gypsy jewelry line I use many, many elements. Most are found vintage items that I lovingly repurpose in my designs, and every single piece is strictly handcrafted by me... and made right here in the USA!

I use inspiration from my life, past and present, to create unique pieces and collections.

I design for a woman like myself, that is strong in character, confident, knows what she wants and how she wants it, all wrapped up in FUN, topped off with a good pair of BOOTS and some BLING!

Lipstick Gypsy Cosmic Cowgirl

Lipstick Gypsy Cosmic Cowgirl by lipstickgypsy

A passion for FASHION and....BOOTS!!!

I really have a PROBLEM....wellll, not really a PROBLEM, maybe more like an OBSESSION or an ADDICTION or.....hmmm??? 

LOVE me some BOOTS!

Can't get enough....LOVE 'EM, NEED 'EM, HAVE to HAVE 'EM...ALL of 'EM...she who dies with the most BOOTS wins...RIGHT???

Soooo many facets to my STYLE sooo little time! When I am prepping for a photo shoot, or staging a set, the creative flow just takes over and spills out of me! I LOVE the freedom of freestyle design with a theme. I am most inspired when I can work with my innate styling senses...No RESTRICTIONS, NO HOLDS BARRED!

I feel completely honored and blessed to be following my PASSION, doing what I love to do and living how I love to live!

Be INSPIRED, chase your may be surprised as you may CATCH them!

Try it...I did!

Love the life you live!

Lipstick Kisses, and Gypsy Wishes!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


*Before Interior
As many of you may know, I am insatiably obsessed with VINTAGE TRAILERS!!!
I am the proud owner of 4 campers as I write this! :-) These first 3 images are of my second trailer, a 1967 Excelsior that I have named HAPPY (camper)! Which I have began the 1st stages of her transformation........
*can you see my SWEET FUR SONS tucked away? 
I dove into this project head first, considering, she was in quite a dire state of neglect and disrepair inside and out!
I managed to spit shine the interior with lots of elbow grease, great paint, caulk, screws, and DUCT TAPE! Enough to get it road ready for a FAB camping outing in the Idaho wild!
*Interior After

The inside of HAPPY is coming along nicely and was SO super cozy for our 5 night outing. The, framework, structure, paint, however, are still much needed and will soon be in the works. But as far as functional, she pulled like a dream, and was SO clean and comfortable......that a few more outings may be in order during the exterior
'renovations' ;-) !!!

I am always on the hunt for these vintage vessels and my eye just naturally goes to them....wherever I may end up on my travels.
During this same camping trip I spotted ALL of these TIMEWORN beauties in the same little high mountain town!
What a treat to find all these little gems in the same vicinity while exploring on our ATV's. Hoping you enjoyed this little trailer tour, and are inspired to search out your own! :-) Tell me about your vintage GLAMPER, either the one that is sitting in your driveway, or the one you are in search of! ;-)