Monday, October 7, 2013

She Designs, She Styles, She Collects....

Lipstick Gypsy on Set

As far back as I can remember, as a small child, I have been CHANGING and ARRANGING most of my surroundings and the environment I live in! 

I want to share a snippet of my DESIGN PROCESS...although, it would be impossible to let you know ALL the details of how I tick ;-) I will try to put it in a lil ol' nutshell. 

I am unbelievably, overwhelmingly INSPIRED by EVERYTHING...especially things I passionately LOVE...which is mostly EVERYTHING! :-)

Fashion, lifestyle, decor, travel, dogs, vintage trailers, good-caring-interesting-talented-people, nature, books, magazines, reading, art, good deeds, movies, theater, music, amazing food, good drink, collecting, hunting, gathering JUNK, JUNK, and more JUNK!!! *just to name a few! ;-)

My business, Lipstick Gypsy, has been the prefect outlet for my design and style propensities, and has become a major creative force in my life.

It has allowed me to REVEL and INDULGE my passions which include DESIGNING, STYLING, FASHION, and DECOR for myself, the business, and clients.

Lipstick Gypsy Junkster

Lipstick Gypsy Junkster by lipstickgypsy


Casual, style, comfort, COOL!

FASHION...clothes have always been a way to express myself without words, they always help to indulge or create a certain mood in my daily life, and particularly for special occasions!

LOVE fashion and STYLE!

*Exclusive Lipstick Gypsy Designs*

In creating the Lipstick Gypsy jewelry line I use many, many elements. Most are found vintage items that I lovingly repurpose in my designs, and every single piece is strictly handcrafted by me... and made right here in the USA!

I use inspiration from my life, past and present, to create unique pieces and collections.

I design for a woman like myself, that is strong in character, confident, knows what she wants and how she wants it, all wrapped up in FUN, topped off with a good pair of BOOTS and some BLING!

Lipstick Gypsy Cosmic Cowgirl

Lipstick Gypsy Cosmic Cowgirl by lipstickgypsy

A passion for FASHION and....BOOTS!!!

I really have a PROBLEM....wellll, not really a PROBLEM, maybe more like an OBSESSION or an ADDICTION or.....hmmm??? 

LOVE me some BOOTS!

Can't get enough....LOVE 'EM, NEED 'EM, HAVE to HAVE 'EM...ALL of 'EM...she who dies with the most BOOTS wins...RIGHT???

Soooo many facets to my STYLE sooo little time! When I am prepping for a photo shoot, or staging a set, the creative flow just takes over and spills out of me! I LOVE the freedom of freestyle design with a theme. I am most inspired when I can work with my innate styling senses...No RESTRICTIONS, NO HOLDS BARRED!

I feel completely honored and blessed to be following my PASSION, doing what I love to do and living how I love to live!

Be INSPIRED, chase your may be surprised as you may CATCH them!

Try it...I did!

Love the life you live!

Lipstick Kisses, and Gypsy Wishes!

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Hey Robin,
You are such an inspiration! Love your style and love your excitement in what you's beautiful!
Hugs from your magnolia sista

Holly Loves Art said...

Wow such fun!!!! Looove the Old Gringo Flamma boots. Those are just dreamy! Have a super day!

Laura Madalene said...

I liked your design and your blog also. You did a great job us. Thanks for the sharing. Home Decor Ideas