Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I take complete responsibility for my ABUSE and NEGLECT of this BLOG!!! Certainly if it were a child it would be removed from my care immediately!
But today I am starting anew! I am making an oath to do better by you my lovely Gypsy Junkie readers and this sweet blog I have neglected oh-so-terribly! I don't want to place blame, however, FB makes it TOO easy to throw out a little blurb and be done. Again, the fault is mine!
So forgive me dear readers and if you need a what's been going on in the Gypsy Camp recap for the last few check out the LG Facebook Biz Page 
Soooo...rather than back track let's go forward from here :-) So, So, So much happening in Lipstick Gypsy's world, but let's start with current news...
Check out the Facebook Biz page for a what's-left-of-the-tee's-SALE! Next...many of you know how much I use and LOVE my 1965 "TIN GYPSY" vintage trailer! She will always be my #1 and I will never let her go! All the BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS, TLC, and TIME I spent on her caused a MAJOR ADDICTION!
Before Lipstick
After Lipstick!
Now for the addiction part, I recently purchased my 3rd VINTAGE TRAMP TRAILER...obviously obsessed!
I just keep stackin' 'em up in our drive... be cont. :)
This is ROAMY...18 ft. 1972 ARISTOCRAT!
I have a theme in mind but really need to get in there and get a feel for her to know if I'm headed in the right direction with the decor I am contemplating :-) I love the fact that this one has a "potty" the only one of my 3 that does! That means longer ROAD TRIPS!!!
Lots of blood, sweat, and tears will be put into this one as well...keep close for  updates on the renovation!
Big Gypsy Love!


Flutter Before You said...

Oh wow! Can't wait to see your vision come to fruition, with this new treasure of yours, with wheels. Fabulous! My curiosity is peeked, with what your color pallette is going to be. :) Always a treat to stop by for a visit and see what you are up to. Xo

Lipstick Gypsy said...

Dear Flutter!

THANK YOU so much for visiting today!!! I LOVE ALL of YOU and have not been 'feeding' any of you much lately :-( but I am turning that around! Your words are very appreciated and I am HAPPY you will be along for the RIDE....fasten your seat's gonna' be WILD!!! :-) XO