Wednesday, April 17, 2013

For the Love of Dog

Many of you that know me or follow LIPSTICK GYPSY realize that DOGS are a true PASSION of mine!
Not only do I simply ADORE DOGS, but am a huge advocate for spay/neuter and ADOPT/RESCUE!
Considering this, I have created a collection which I have dubbed JuNk yArD DoG!
I enjoy every moment of creating, as well as manifesting, these pieces for my line.
Most important is the fact that a portion of ALL proceeds from the sales in this collection will go to supporting ANIMAL RESCUE groups and no kill shelters.
Fellow DOG LOVERS be assured that ANY purchase from this collection will be YOU supporting this IMPORTANT cause. Let's, together give HOMELESS DOGS a chance at a FUR-EVER HOME!
I have rescued and adopted many DOGS and have not once been sorry! Quite the contrary, they have enriched my life beyond belief! Each and everyone has been LOYAL, HONEST, and TRUE!
Give your DOG/DOGS a GIANT HUG and tell them there are people in the world that truly do LOVE and CARE!

The pieces will be listed very soon in the Etsy be sure to check them out!

Bodhi & Yodi offer WAGS and KISSES!

Keep it Gypsy!


Catherine Constance said...

Hi Lipstick Gypsy,
I'm a brand sparkly new fan. Love your blog and FB page. Couldn't agree more. Adopt a dog. I rescued a puppy years ago. She'd been put in the dustbin. Miffy Dora, lived a happy long pampered doggie life. I think one of her favourite things to do was go to the pub with Dad on a Thursday night. oh...and chasing rabbits..:)

Flutter Before You said...

I love your dog inspired line, so clever and absolutely ADORABLE! I am a big dog lover too, I can't imagine life without doggie kisses, and wagging tails. My bulldog Tonka, doesn't have much of a tail, but it's always wagging, and he makes me laugh each and every day! ~Take Care

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

I love your dog line, what a great ideal. I'm also a big dog lover and have rescued quite a few... they are so precious!!!
Hugs~~~ Daphne

David said...

Robin, it's great to know you are also a dog lover...I've been adopting retired racing greyhounds for 18 years now. We also sleep with the dog..LOL.