Monday, December 10, 2012

A Gypsy in Portlandia!

The first weekend in December was spent Gypsy road trippin'...the Gypsy crew had a chance to steal away for a little vintage Christmas shopping and some much needed R&R if only for 3 days :)
The Portland, OR area happens to be one of our very FAVE junkin', bluesin', eatin', explorin', hangin', places to go just because!
The weather was BLISSFUL!
Kicked off the shopping SPREE with a visit to one of my ALL time favorite places, to visit one of my favorite people! Joyce Janes...
...Was sooo busy SLAMMED that Yodi and I had to have our picture alone in her BEAUTIFUL space!
Joyce, I know you were running yourself ragged, but Monticello LOVES YOU, and so do I! All of your efforts make a TOP RATED, CLASS ACT, antique shopping experience!!!
Monticello had their Christmas Show in full force and it was busier than I have ever experienced it before!
Monticello if you have not been, put it on your bucket list! I allow myself AT LEAST 4 hours (While Gypsy family patiently waits) for unrushed browsing, to be able to absorb all the AWESOMNESS!!!
There was so much EYE CANDY and INSPIRATION that we came away with few pictures than we thought considering how absorbed we were in all the LOVELINESS!!!
Next, was a little gem we found while "Free styling" :) DEFINITELY worth a mention...
A great little shop in the middle of a quiet neighborhood...FANTASTIC JUNK, GREAT PRICES and FRIENDLY STAFF!!! All three musts for a truly happy Gypsy Junker!
Check it out!
In celebration of my November birthday my sweet family hooked it up with tickets to one of my ALL TIME FAVE girl groups from Canada!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these girls and their INSPIRING talent! I have been listening to them for years, but to be there front and center in person is unlike listening from a far! And of all places, at the historic Aladdin Theater! Amazing, intimate, and cozy venue.
If you haven't given these girls a listen (or ever heard of them) Check 'em out! They truly are in my top 5!
P.S. I am NOT missing any teeth!
Had a FANTASTIC weekend...goodbye for now sweet city we will hurry back again!
Happy Gypsy Wishes


Sharon said...

Hi, I was at Monticello that weekend too. So fun...great Christmas display. I have the decorating bug.
Inspiration abounds. said...

My dear Robin,

It was soo good to see you and get to spend a little bit of time chatting. Thank you for your kind sweet words. Wish you lived closer! Come back soon! Hugs & kisses


Sandy Bryan said...

Looks like a great time!!! I need to hit that mall sometime - hear great things about it!! xoxo, S.