Monday, April 29, 2013

From WAY back HERE...Spreadin' the CUFF LOVE!

Way, way, WAY back in the DAY...
A sweet lil' ol' (albeit rough & tumble) GYPSY CUFF was born!
On a day long ago, a GYPSY, wearin' thee PERFECT shade of PINK LIPSTICK was in her garage TOOLIN' around and HAMMERIN' about :-) with her LOVE for ALL THINGS old, worn, vintage and tarnished, she began taking note of the rather LARGE collections she had begun to amass!
With a well LOVED vintage leather belt in hand she thought.... what an AMAZING wrist CUFF, like 70's style,
she could make with this piece of vintage finery!
So she made one!

She wore this re-purposed vintage leather   tooled belt  CUFF for some time. Everywhere she wore it,EVERYONE remarked about her creation! AND ......
wanted one of their own! So being the EXPRESSIVE GYPSY that she is.....
she HAMMERED a vintage spoon and with the stamping set her HORSESHOEING DAD
had given her as a girl.......
she EXPRESSED herself and declared her
She began filling orders as fast as she could.
AND then a MAGICAL THING happened!
A fellow GYPSY came across these very
CUFFS on her journey and simply HAD to HAVE a BOAT LOAD!!! WHOA!
The two GYPSIES worked together to
tweak here and add there and Wah-lah!
For years she kept her GYPSY FRIENDS
HAPPY with her One-of-a-kind CREATIONS!
Although the market went WILD when these hit, not only in sales, but others trying to re-create this NIFTY DESIGN! Accept NO SUBSTITUTE! :-)
She continues to CREATE and EVOLVE
these CUFFS as they have been a BEST SELLER for her for years! And these ORIGINAL LG DESIGNS are still very sought after!
Photo Courtesy of The Junk Gypsy Company

She recently created this TRUE-BLUE-ORIGINAL-FEW-of-its-KIND-never-made-before

Ask Calamity Jane she knew a thing or TWO ;-)
You heard it here first ;-)

If they try to reproduce...ACCEPT NO IMITATIONS! 

PINK...ALL of the LG CUFFS can now be made in PINK...
THINK PINK...must have PINK!!!

If you've been ridin' the GYPSY CARAVAN from the beginning you know this story! If you're a newbie ,WELCOME to the WONDERFUL WORLD of LIPSTICK GYPSY DESIGNS!

Kick up your COWGIRL BOOTS...throw up those arms stacked high with CUFFS and EXPRESS your WILD SIDE and join in the FUN! 

Lipstick Gypsy JUNKIES are the best LOT on EARTH!!!

*Word for word quote by EARL thee #1 LG JUNKIE...he says it best...

"I'mma tell ya right now 'em ol' LIPSTICK GYPSY CUFFS is like a tater chip! Ya doggone cayn't have jist one of 'em! GIT yee a whole doggone handful"

Thanks Earl, you definitely have STYLE and know your stuff...LOVE YA to BITS!

*Disclaimer: Earl received no monetary gain for his comment!

Keep on spreadin' the GYPSY CUFF LOVE!!!

*P.S. Watch for Etsy Listings in PINK this WEEK! ;-)


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