Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lipstick Gypsy LAB


You never know what kind of experimenting or designs are coming out of the GYPSY LAB!
But I will tell you this it is HUSTLIN' and BUSTLIN' on a daily basis!
I am constantly inspired by pretty much EVERYTHING, and cannot keep up with the creations and designs that run through my head every moment of every day, even in my sleep!
Just a small slice of my idea of GYPSY "HEAVEN" :-)
After a time of experimenting, playing, trial and error, I have FINALLY mastered the PINK band for my cuffs to my liking and they are READY to wear!
Cowgirl Heart, Gypsy Soul that's how I roll! ;-)
Made to order, custom Rosettes...thee absolute PERFECT accessory to the LG Shabby Slip Dresses! Or anything else you can think of!
And last, but not least...I couldn't RESIST!
I am not from the SOUTH...but I sure could be!
I LOVE everything Southern...the people, the food, the music, the style, the TWANG, I LOVE IT ALL!
Hope you enjoyed that little SMIDGE of the GLAM GOODS, fresh outta the GYPSY LAB...stay tuned, always more comin' 'round the bend!
Git yer LIPSTICK on!

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