Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tattered and Terrific!
I'm baaack! What an amazing adventure that was! Buckle up...this is going to be a long, wild post! The Roseville Fall Antique Market, hosted by the Oh-So-Fabulous Sandy and Erica of The Tattered House, was in one word AMAZING! A big deep bow to these two women for first and foremost inviting me to this awesome event, but also for organizing such a class act! All the while being completely warm, supportive, and fun...what a pair...LOVE 'EM!

Soul sistas forever!

Gratitude to the girls! (Erica you look GREAT!) ;)

These two are the bee's knees! Katy and Colette BFFs for sure! LOVE 'EM! Thank you girls for the insider tips, hugs, beers, and fun!
(Annette I love you too, but didn't get a pic with you.) :(

My number ONE lil gypy (her words) "pitching" in to set up the canopy. This truly was a family effort, everyone did their part and then some to help Gypsy Mama.

Mr. Gypsy and son-in-law critiquing their setup.

Looks good from here boys!

My Gypsy "show girls" dressed and ready!

My oldest daughter and photographer extraordinaire captured ALL the great shots from the entire event!

Handmade Gypsy

The face of Lipstick youngest daughter. She helped me immensely as well!

My sweet!
Gypsy showtime!

The center piece I created in my space made quite a hit...I sold the entire vignette to a customer that flipped for it!
Soft sepia Gypsy
Popular as well...Gypsy Shabby Slips
The space starting to clear out toward the end of the day. Packing a much lighter load...YAY! Almost time to pack up...

Mr. Gypsy and Baby Gypsy two members of Team Gypsy packin' up for the trek back to Idaho. Can't wait till April when I'll be back for the spring show!
Tattered Girls and all of the great new friends and customers of Lipstick Gypsy. I will not forget your kindness and hospitality that you showed myself and my family during our visit to Roseville! I must also thank my incredible family! Without them none of this would have been remotely possible, they support me, help me, and keep me in check throughout ALL of my crazy adventures, especially this one! Family, I love you so deeply it hurts mean it! Love, Love, Love all of you! Last but not least, I am so grateful and pleased that this was also a VERY dog friendly event for all of those pet lovers like myself that know how much our furry friends love being with us no matter where we are, ESPECIALLY hunting for good JUNK!
Peace, Love, and Gypsies!


Bonnie said...

Beautiful family, fun event! Looks like a great time was had by all.


RustyClover said...

We had such a blast with you and your family! So wonderful how you all worked so hard to bring together the world that is "gypsy"! Cant wait till you guys come down again! We will have to go shoppin!!! Love to all our new Idaho friends, Katy

Ozma of Odds said...

...oh I'm feeling major ripped because I couldn't join you and allllll that gypsy lovin` fun!!
Everything looks fan~TABULOUS!!!!!
xo, Rosemary

Elizabeth Barczynski said...

I love your style! I'm going to have to hang out here more often :)

Brenda Figueroa said...

Fabulous love it love it.....Congrats!

The Tattered House said...

I can't believe that it has taken this long to look at your fabulous pics!We're so sorry, we had one show after another and we are trying to catch up. OMG!! Love you love you! We hope u make it down again real soon. Your booth was a hit and oh so gypsy beautiful!

Love you Girl! Erika & Sandy

time-worn interiors said...

Looks like a great show! Glad you did well! Love baby gypsy! so cute!

The Primitique said...

Look at y'all having fun at Tattered House! Looks like it was a great show for you. I'm having fun perusing your blog. Glad I found you! ~Mindy