Friday, September 10, 2010

Greetings Blog Beauties...the race is ON! Thought I would share a snippet of the happenings in Gypsyland. A peek of handmade Gypsy items that will be included in the upcoming Roseville Fall Antique Market! I as well as my dogs are literally covered in paint, glitter, glue, and feathers! A lot has been going on for the preparation of this upcoming event! I plan on spending my weekend cleaning, organizing, painting, pricing, and packing. Next week, Mr. Gypsy and I will be loading the caravan with all the great loot for sale. If you live or are visiting the area PLEASE come say HI! I will be located on the lawn in front of the Tattered House in all my Gypsy glory! I will share some great photos of my space and the event when I get back. Can't wait to see you there!!

A fresh batch of Shabby Gypsy Slips...

Great grunge gift tags...

Pure Gypsy romance! Paper flora at its finest...straight from the Gypsy studio!

Peace, Love, and Gypsies!


Ozma of Odds said...

...ok ~ I ask you,
what is not to LOVE about all this gypsy fabulousness???????
I love ALL of those slips,
and the grungy tags (straight off the wagon girl!!)
and most especially the tattered paper flower garlands!!!!!!
love it, Love It, LOVE IT!!
(did I tell you how much I love it?!!!hahahahahhehehehehoohoho!)
xoXOgypsy squeezesXOxo, Rosemary

RACHELLE said...




Bohemian said...

How Romantic and lovely, the colors are divine!

Dawn... The Bohemian

Tricia Samsal said...

Robin, have a great time with all the Tattered House girls. They are so sweet and fun. I wish I could be there!! Tell Sandy & Erika I said hI! Take lots of pics, I would love to put them in the next Blisfully Traveled Magazine, and give you credit, your blog info and Etsy in the article if you would like to submit your pics of the event. Your slips and tags are gorgeous, good luck!
Tricia S.

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

I love it all, it's just gorgeous!!! Hope you have a wonderful sale!!! Blessings~~~ Daphne