Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gypsy Junkee
I hope all of you had an AMAZING, FUN, and SAFE 4th of July weekend! I did, as usual spend quality time with the fam! We traveled to Northern California to visit our daughter and grand daughter, and I always, always manage to find time to JUNK!

I cruised a few yardsales here and there, however, I found this gem of a shop JUNKEE in Reno, Nevada! I cannot tell you the amazing treasures this building contains! I walked in and instantly could not breathe...on one side is the hippest recycled clothing with staged vingnettes, decorated to the hilt with gigantic chandeliers hung throughout! *GASP* On the other side, was "gypsy" heaven! I was home! Multiple dealers and phenomenal prices make this gypsy VERY happy!

These are the shabby, romantic, junky finds that I acquired...the perfect pink porch swing...15 BUCKS!!!! I die! Oh, the vintage camper you see in the background I refer to as my "tramp trailer", it is awaiting a new life, and that is a whole other post!

Junk to please my feminine side, and for my more masculine side...

Love the monochromatic tones! I notice I have a real ying yang style! Very eclectic as you can tell from the variety pictured. I love the rusty, crusty, industrial style that is popular right now.

Must Love Rust!

Old ROYAL typewriter, mint condition...20 BUCKS!!!!

Breyer ponies prancing pretty!

Chippy, peely, crusty, perfection! This girl is perfectly weathered with fabulous patina!
And last but CERTAINLY not least!! The treasure of all treasures!! Drumroll please................

I have been searching for a wedding cake chandelier this beauty is MINE!!!!!! I brought her home and she will hang in full glory above my work table in the shabby gypsy studio! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

~Gypsy kisses and Mucho loves~ 


RustyClover said...

Hey! You found some great stuff. I have been wanting to check out junkees FOREVER. Next time you are down let us know at the Tattered House. Love to meet again! Take care ~ Katy

Sylvia said...

Hi, you scored with your great finds. The chandelier is to die for! I am to see more of your blog.


Rita said...

Love your blog and enthusiasm! Ciao Rita mammabellarte

curlysusieQ said...

Oh, I love the wedding cake chandelier, what a great find.

Romeo said...

WOWSER! Did you score the mother lode of all junk or what?!! Not sure that "her" heart could have handled that much excitement in one shop! We are loving all the treasures and of course your style! "She" has the same eclectic style as you! Industrial, lace, rusty, white chippy peely!

Congrats on your new over the top light!!! You simply had to bring that home - one must have the proper lighting in which to create, yes?

Have a great week!


Romeo and "her"