Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bead Swap Reveal...Finally!!
In the nick of time Sarah! ;) I had the pleasure of participating in an oh-so-fun bead swap that Sarah from My So Called Junky Life hosted. I was fortunate enough to have Sarah for a partner, and these are the marvelous goodies I recieved from her! Aren't they dreamy? I love the pearls, crystals, rhinestones, vintage silver that this mix consists of! All contained in this sweet little sheer bag that was closed with a handmade rose that Sarah crafted. LOVE IT!

Ready...set...GO! I love the mother of pearl cross, however, it was so delicate I chose not to use it on this piece. I used one of my vintage hardware stamped center pieces combined with the beads from the swap. Let's see what I put together.

I really Love My Junky...bracelet!
Ta-Da...ready to wear!

Sarah, my deepest thanks to you for introducing me to the wonderful world of swap! I enjoyed this immensely, I would suggest this to anyone. The anticipation of receiving the goods and then creating a true original is so exciting! If I get brave enough I would like to host a swap of some sort in the near future!

~Gypsy Loves~


Boot ~C said...

this is a homerun! I love bracelets & I would wear this a couple of times a week~ & that rose? Oh my, SO pretty.

Erica said...

Beautiful!! What a great treasure you've created.

Sarah said...

What an amazing bracelet!!! Love the words on your bracelet link!! Fantastic!!! I love how you included everything that I sent you!!