Friday, December 27, 2013

1965...'66...'67 Vintage Trailers x3...Charming

My sincere intention has not been to turn my blog into a site solely about VINTAGE CAMPER TRAILERS! However, I now am the proud owner of 3...1965 12' Cardinal Lovebird...1967 16' Excelsior, and last but not least a 1966 24' Boles Aero Ensenada...the one I am going to focus on today.
Being the largest of my 3, at 24 feet...she has been dubbed BIG sister!
Come on in...
All original inside and out...I have gained a new appreciation for Mid-Century (1966) aesthetics.
As much as I love shabby, glamorous, drama in my décor, I am trying to honor the elements of the 60s that are already in place. Love, Love, LOVE, the dusty-mocha tone of the kitchen appliances and am letting that be my guide for color.
The front living area is roomy, considering this model had a sofa-sleeper rather than a dinette set. The sofa-sleeper was such a nice, well constructed piece that we fabric matched as close as we could and are having it restored back to its original glory.

It is not my nature to not want to change EVERYTHING and really make it mine...put my stamp on it! But this trailer is in such fantastic shape for its age, and I am truly embracing the era that it has come from
and the original details that it contains!
TWIN BEDS!!!Crazy! I am having tons-of-FUN gathering linens and bedding....LAYERS
for a SUPER-COZY-COMFY nest X 2!!!
The floor plan reminds me of a train car!
I think it has such a COOL VIBE!
Bedroom details...MAGAZINE wall rack!!! They knew I was comin'! My fave reading material will be right at home!

A full size BATHROOM....SERIOUSLY I could hangout in here, and I will be taking plenty of bubs in the tubs! ;-) There is also a full size, large roomy CLOSET in this bathroom!
The fixtures are very light-creamy-yellow which is growing on me, and I am decorating around color wise.
Yodi watchdogs ;-)
I have been cleaning, doing some minor repairs, staining wood accents, and assessing all that remains to be done. Including, the repairs to the interior door, amongst other small fixes. :-)
Of course, I will be hanging new blinds, sewing curtains (using vintage bark cloth) as well as, adding special touches throughout! I have been hunting and junking and thrifting, and have created quite a STASH! ;-) 
My sweet lil man, Yodi, and sweet lil lady, Bunny are enjoying the progress and can't WAIT till we hit the ROAD in this BEAUTY!
For now, not forever!
Keep close for updated pics of décor, etc. and the adventures of ROLLY BOLLY!
Keep it Gypsy

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Shirley Guenther said...

I absolutly ADORE this camper! CAn you believe the full size appliances in it? I would be hard pressed to change anything in it! How did you get so lucky?!