Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Once again, it is that time of year...


It is here in our lap and we are hustlin' and bustlin' to bust out the FINEST in GYPSY JUNK and HANDMADE IN THE USA at its BEST!

We, the house, shop, garage, studio, out buildings, trailers, decks, AND the dogs...

are covered in dirt, dust, glue, feathers, fluff, paint, and GLITTER!

We are in deep need of mani/pedis, facials, and massages...but it ain't happenin' till we bring you the BEST of the BEST at the FARM CHICKS SHOW!!!

A peek at the BEHIND-THE-SCENES look of the reality of a JUNKY JUNKSTER!!! 

Beginning stages of FABULOUSNESS...

Lipstick Gypsy Farm Chicks 2011

Here at the VIP table I am sandwiched between Serena Thompson, The Farm Chicks founder and Catherine Strawn, Senior Associate Editor at Country Living Magazine! Last years special guest!

We will be located in Bay 1, Space # 254 & 255

for a larger Map, please visit Serena's Blog here

Please stop and say hi...

You will want to check out our BRAND NEW 
FIRST EVER SIGNATURE Lipstick Gypsy T-shirt!!!

 Just a tiny lil' sneek peek for ya...sure to entice!

Don't miss this opportunity to find the best JUNK in the NORTHWEST!

Let us know you're a TRUE BLUE GYPSY JUNKIE so we can give you a BIG OL' HUG and share some GYPSY LOVE...


See ya there!


S.A.R.A. (salvaged and rescued art) said...

Coming from Minnesota! Looks fun. See you soon!

RustyClover said...

Love the tee! Buy one get free gloss??? Can't wait to hear all the deets. Hope to talk soon, love, Katy