Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Change is good...Change is GREAT!!!

Bob Dylan said it best, "Times They are a-changin'' the world of Lipstick Gypsy EVERYTHING'S a-changin'!

Time to clean up, clear out...reassess, regroup, and REVAMP!

The Gypsy Camp is growin', changin', and evolvin'...

Times are a-changin'

Be aware over the next few weeks as LG transforms from where she has been to where she is going!

The blog is getting a facelift...

Please hang in there during this transition...the end result will certainly be NEW and IMPROVED!!!

Lipstick Gypsy Facebook page is going to be in the new timeline format and the Etsy shop is stocked with original one-of-a-kind designs and will continue to be!

Please follow us on Twitter and Pinterest too!

After it is all said and done it will be much easier to visit and browse our blog, facebook, twitter, pinterest, and etsy!!! 

We can't thank all of you faithful fans and followers enough for the support and interest that you have shown to Lipstick Gypsy on this journey!!!

It's only going up from here so tread right on the heels of our pink boots as we continue our way through this CRAZY Gypsy life!

Get your LIPSTICK on...
and join us in the WILD RIDE!!!

Love ya...mean it!


Sandy Bryan said...

Will follow you to the moon and back!!!

Anonymous said...

Big Hugs to you and your Gypsy Crew
... will we see you April 21st ?
Hope so ... bonnie:)

Sarah said...

Can't wait to see all the changes!!


BronsonBloopers said...

I just bought one of your bracelets today at the fair :) "Not all who wander are lost" I love it, thank you! I started following your blog, hope you do the same back :)

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