Monday, September 12, 2011

On the Road Again!

Like the typical GYPSIES we are...we've got an itch to MOVE!!! Impromptu ROAD TRIP!!!

My dear friend Sandy, formerly of Tattered House, has invited me once again to her NEW Mes Amis street market.

We are thrilled to be apart of her great Vintage Antique Show for the 3rd time! If you haven't made a point to attend this market in the past, this would be a great time to do it! With over 40 hand-picked, carefully selected vendors, this is a MUST SEE and a great all around Vintage Market experience!

Hope to see you there!!!

Big Gypsy Love!

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Keek-N-Beese said...

I met you and fell in love with Lipstick Gypsy at Farm Chicks. My sister surprised me w/ a "peace, love, junk" bracelet for my birthday and have been following your blog ever since. i AM totaly BONKERS for your new 'gypsy wagon'. Can't wait to see the inside. Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration. Just started my own blog at