Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fresh off the FARM!

WOW!! We're baaacckk and we have finally caught our breath and found time to POST!!!

For all of you GYPSY LOVELIES, that I know have been eagerly anticipating this post, you will not be disappointed!

FARM CHICKS was everything and then some that we expected it to be! What an ADVENTURE!!!

If forced to use only one word it would be...

This was the front and center display at the Main entrance...CANDY was the theme. the GYPSY CAMP...
20ft. GYPSY trailer STUFFED! Ok GYPSY CREW take your posts...let's get busy!

FARM CHICKS behind the scenes...vendors row

A glimpse of the beginnings of GYPSY CAMP...

Mr. GYPSY and Son-in-law-to-be GYPSY, great job on the barn wood backdrop!!!




He was actually a real SHOW PONY!!! He sold as soon a I put him on the table (to a fellow dealer) he lives in Seattle now! Bittersweet, I highly doubt I will ever find another! *tear*

Welcome to our GYPSY ROADSHOW...



ROYAL RUSTIC ROMANCE, was the name of our FARM CHICK game

Puttin' on the touches before the masses were allowed to bust in and take over!

SISTER GYPSY #2 (my youngest daughter) and MYSELF (on the right) shopkeeping GYPSY style! SISTER GYPSY #1 (my oldest daughter) is behind the lens.

A CRAZY GYPSY wedged between SERENA THOMPSON (Queen Bee FARM CHICK founder) and CATHERINE STRAWN (Senior Associate Editor for Country Living Magazine).

Serena, Thank you for hosting LIPSTICK GYPSY and the opportunity to be a part of the BIG SHOW!!

I'd like to say that's all folks but it's far from over!!!

We had an AMAZING experience at this venue...the shoppers and fellow vendors were second to none! We made some FANTASTIC friends and the response to LIPSTICK GYPSY was positively, overwhelmingly, DELIGHTFUL!!!

THANK YOU from the bottoms of our hearts for the LOVE and SUPPORT we received from everyone! 

LIPSTICK GYPSY is truly a joint effort without each and everyone of us, none of it would be possible (Mama Gypsy, Papa Gypsy, Big Sister Gypsy, Son-in-law-to-be Gypsy, Little Sister Gypsy, Son-in-law Gypsy, Little Granddaughter Gypsy, and last but certainly not least, Little bun-in-the-oven Grandson Gypsy). Each of us bring some kind of important element to the GYPSY POSSE. 

Dear sweet family, thank you for all your support and makin' it happen...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you all!

Can't wait to see you on the GYPSY TRAIL!!!



Judy said...

Absolutely LOVE Love and Love your booth Can you replicate it for ROTP? xo Judy Remnants

Ash said...

That is an awesome booth!! I want one of everything.

The Tuckerbag

Shelly said...

I had so much fun meeting and chatting with you a BIT at Farm Chicks! What an Awesome space you had.....The Best in Show, I'm thinkin'~!

Thanks for hopping down the Gypsy Trail and Stopping over to Join my Blog!

Look forward to seeding what YOU are up to too!

(Sunny in Snohomish AT LAST! I've got seedlings to transplant!)

Anonymous said...

I am stunned at how pretty your booth was!! I can't imagine the amount of work that all was!!

The Farrier's Daughter said...

The pictures are just as beautiful as it was in person! It was so wonderful meeting you and getting to chat!


Patti said...

Loved that show!!

RustyClover said...

You did good gypsy girl!!! I am so proud to know you!! Are you coming down to do remnants? would love to see you there!!

Ozma of Odds said...

i want to visit the gypsy camp...for a WEEK!!
love all the fabulously set displays and gypsy merchandise:)
xo, Rosemary

Erica said...

Awesome booth!

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