Friday, May 13, 2011

A Traveling Gypsy Tour!

Dearest SWEET GYPSY readers...

too long since my last post...

time flies when you're JUNKING!!!

As we prepare to hit the road, bound for FARM CHICKS in Spokane, WA...

I pause to reminisce on my FAVE GYPSY HOTSPOTS...

that have become absolute must stops whenever that  OL' GYPSY WANDERLUST takes hold!!!

First stop...

Seattle, Washington

This french-y boutique in Seattle is a classy gem! Pam Robinson knows how to capture that Paris market ambiance due to her steady supply of amazing vintage goods direct from her travels to flea markets in FRANCE! Ooooo-La-La...

If in Seattle, WA absolutely make time to visit this FAB lifestyle shop at

2802 East Madison St.
Seattle, WA

Next stop on the GYPSY TRAIL...

Portland, OR

Any of you that have visited this GLORIOUS dream world know what I'M TALKIN' 'BOUT when I say HEAVEN!!!

20,000 sq. feet and 100 dealers of pure antique/vintage, creative, inspiring, AWESOMENESS!!

A truly UNCOMMON shopping experience!

Bathrooms...a cafe...extra SPECIAL, FRIENDLY HELPFUL staff (that happen to love gypsies) ;) Can I move in?

Words don't begin to describe the extrodinary experience that shopping MONTICELLO brings...

Run, don't walk to this MECCA of "Designers Paradise" for VINTAGE GYPSY SOULS!

Tell 'em a crazy IDAHO GYPSY sent ya! ;)

8600 Southeast Stark Street
Portland, OR
Next stop...
Sacramento, CA

This ECLECTIC and FUNKED UP mix of vintage, antique, hand picked Gypsy finery!
Audrey has an innate sense for the alchemy of MIXIN' IT UP!
We wandered into this shop on a whim and I was pleasantly blown away! 
You are sure to find leopard and chrome, mixed with antlers, flora, fauna, cowboy boots, fine asian antiques, blended with designer books and candles, jars of buttons, designer jewelry...
Gotta see it for yourself!
First round in the shop I scored...QUEEN BEE THROWN...

Tattered, stained, PINK, LOVE! Lives at my house now! ;)

...As well as a SHABBY, CHIPPY, PEELY, PINK DEER! (Whole other post...soon)

When you visit tell Audrey I sent ya!

2409 21st Street
Sacramento, CA 
Next stop....
Reno, NV

Junkee is a DOUBLE WHAMMY, considering the building is split into two sides...
one side houses a FUN, FUNKY, TRENDY clothing exchange...
and the other is an ECLECTIC co-operative of vintage/antique dealers!
The pleasant friendly staff, great prices, and varied merchandise make JUNKEE a LIPSTICK GYPSY FAVE!!
We never leave empty truck loaded! We single handedly keep 'em in biz!

JUNKEE is Jessica's brain child...she has mad, over-the-top, design/display skills!! 

Let the FASHIONISTA in you run WILD!

As for the "other side" we are so consumed with excitement, and anticipation (every time we visit) for the treasures we are sure to find, we have failed to take even one picture of all the sorry for our negligence! We promise to do better next time!

960 South Virginia Street
Reno, NV

Last but not least....

Encinitas, CA


let me live in a world that is GARDENOLOGY!! OMG

For once I am speechless and there just aren't enough adjectives to explain my intense LOVE and PASSION for this sanctuary of PURE MAGIC!

The displays and vignettes are second to none! Always a fresh seasonal theme throughout the entire detail left undone!

The indoor/outdoor environment created evokes a feeling all its own! One that must be experienced to understand the overall aesthetic of this DREAM stop...

See it to believe it!!!!


Zzzzzzzzzzzz...SWEET GYPSY DREAMS...

587 S Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, CA

It's your turn DEAR LOVELIES to share your FAVE hotspots on the GYPSY trail! Can't wait to hear from y'all!



Tricia said...

Girl!! You need to come to Urban Barn!! If you are coming all the way to Encinitas, Escondido is not that far away!!! You will flip your lid even more! We may be in the area at the same time!!?? Let me know.
Safe travels Gypsy Girl!
Hugs, Tricia
Vintage Bliss

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Wow Gardenonlogy is just beautiful and I loved the article on them as well. Have a great Sunday, T

Monticello Staff said...

Dear sweet gypsy sista,
I miss you! Thank you for such kind words about Monticello. I really hope you will come soon. I'm sad to be missing out on Farm Chicks this year, especially since you're going to be there. You're going to have a blast. Hope to see you up this way soon! Hugs, ~Joyce

bonnies junk in the trunk said...

have a great fun junkin gypsy trip
love the map
xo bonnie:o)

time worn interiors said...

You've been a busy girl! Thanks for sharing! Now I wish I could hop on a plane and go visit all these wonderful places!

Bohemian said...

Your Queen Bee Throne is to die for! Gypsy Trips are always the most fun... the open road and not a care in the world...

Dawn... The Bohemian