Saturday, December 11, 2010

Merry Monticello!

Greetings dearest gypsy dolls! I really must apologize for the hiatus between is a whirlwind. My hope is this post will make up for the time I've been away. Please journey with me to one of my ALL time FAVORITE escapes MONTICELLO MARKETPLACE!!! Mr. Gypsy and I traveled to Portland, OR during the Halloween weekend for a little R&R and some junk therapy, and we were lucky enough to return for the Monticello Christmas Show this past weekend. What a wonderland...designers dream doesn't even do justice to the way I feel as I'm perusing the aisles of this oasis. Grab a hot tea, mug of cocoa, or a glass of good wine, and wander with me.

I dream in pink!

The creative talent all under one roof is awe inspiring!

Not only quality vintage, and antiques but so much handmade goodness!

Sue and her husband Joe are an amazing team of great talent, what a pair!

Manor Bourne
The regalness of this duo creates a perfect entrance! Great to have the pair, I have one of these guys but two is always better!

Pure vintage soul!

Worthy Goods
Loved, loved , loved these handmade linen stockings! They were so understated yet had such charm! I adored them!

The way the light came through the window and silhouetted the branches and vintage elements created a soft sepia image
So many natural elements are used in staging the booths and vignettes within creates the magic of bringing the outside in. I truly love this kind of arrangement more than any other!

Meet "THE" Joyce Janes aka Queen Bee of Monticello! Joyce is the manager and oversees all of the day to day operations of the dealers, blog, customers, ins, outs, ups, downs and just general shopkeeping that running a business such as Monticello requires. Joyce also has a grand booth right at the entrance of the store named Calamity Janes...a MUST see! She was such a dear to me and made me feel so welcome and accommodated on both of my latest visits...THANK YOU JOYCE! We share a deep love and admiration for Magnolia Pearl and she actually gave up her brand new copy of WHERE WOMEN CREATE featuring Robin Brown because I had not found it yet as I was traveling. Now that is what I call instant friendship!

Hope you enjoyed the tour of one of my very favorite places to visit! If you have not been you simply must put it on your "list"! Portland, OR is a great place in general to explore and best of all they truly have THE greatest junk that's not so junky. Season's greetings to you and yours!

Biggest Gypsy Hugs


Romeo said...

Oh WOW! "She" has family not too far from Portland....I see a visit in "her" future! Maybe if I could get "her" to stay there long enough I would have enough time to throw the biggest and bestest cats only party!!! I'd serve fresh salmon, tuna juice, and a bazillion anchovy pizzas!!! Oh YES, "she" simply must go!!!! Thank you so much for the purrfect reason to get "her" gone on a vacation so that I could have one ;)



trash talk said...

I'm gonna share a little secret...I dream of going to the PNW. There I've said it and my secret is out! I've got a jar just for putting extra change in to someday pay for a trip up there.
I adore Sue and dream of getting to meet her face to face.
The talent up that way is just amazing and I can spot their unique look without even knowing the name. It's just beautilful.
Lucky lucky you! Call me Kermit 'cause I'm green with envy!

Tammy said...

Everythign looks so wonderful! I could spend days in there!
Thanks so mcuh for taking me along on your visit! Love all the pics!
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
Tammy :-)

Cat & Cricket said...

My goodness... did you ever come up for air??? How were you able to control yourself?? Girl.. I'm about to book airfare!!! Totally smashing!
Love the linen stockings..especially the one with the red cross.. reminds me of a vintage American Red Cross.... guess that is the nurse in me! Glad you had a wonderful time... your photos are breathtaking!

time worn interiors said...

I have been dreaming of a visit there some day! Thanks for the tour! Have a Merry Christmas!